A few thoughts to start July

On Dance:

"When choreography doesn't sustain some developing view of the people dancing it, it dwindles into attention-seizing stunts." --Alistair Macaulay, The New York Times

On Writing:

"Writers end up chasing their white whales, like it or not." Steve Almond, Bad Stories

On Music:

"Music and life are inseparable. Music is part of our physical and intellectual formation." --Ben Ratliff, Every Song Ever

On Narrative Medicine:

"Our patients' stories are not objects that we can comprehend or master, but rather dynamic entities we can approach and engage with." Rita Charon, Principles and Practice of Narrative Medicine

On Faith:

"There were different kinds of prayer and different kinds of belief and he might be able to figure all that out someday, but not yet." Silas House, Southernmost

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