Dance Now!  

Dance Now! is the newly branded name of West Virginia University's School of Theatre and Dance's annual dance concert. Even though I spent a semester away, writing in in Altoona, I have choreography in the concert.  Other faculty members have work, and some are performing, as well as student choregraphy (picked from adjudication last fall), and a Masterwork choreography---this year, Paul Taylor's "Aureole."

Soon, these dancers will be out of the studio and on to the stage.


What I might look like to Andy Warhol

Picnik, which soon won't be offered via Flickr, has fun editing options that lets you see your photos other than what they are.  Even point and shoot photographers with no training (me).

You may be wondering, shouldn't she be writing something instead of playing with pictures?  Yes, yes I should. 


Desert Dreaming

Recently, I was out in the Arizona Desert, which is quite different than my home in West Virginia.  Sometimes, in the desert, I feel like I am dreaming, even while awake.

The desert looks best from a rented convertible, especially when the convertible was supposed to be a four door, reasonably priced sedan.

Somtimes the cactus look spooky.

Other times, someone abandons a boot on a fencepost.

Or a trailer in the sand.  What do you suppose the wild dog is thinking?

You can find your heart in a cactus, if you look.

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