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Happy 4th of July

This year, I was able to spend some quality cook out time with great friends. Here's to you getting to be with the people you want to celebrate this summer. 


4th of July

Because it has been such a busy summer, I wasn't sure I'd be celebrating Independence Day outside of catching up on student work, a backlog of emails, working on various projects and other work. But, as luck would have it, I ended up taking an impromptu trip across the border of West Virginia into Maryland to see waterfalls. 

Well, first, we got lost and ended up in Cuzzard, West Virginia, and then at a campground near there. 

Then, with better directions and a loopy Garmin, we made our way to Swallow Falls State Park. Here is what I saw:

Then we came home and grilled steaks--

And put our feet up.