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"Letter To West Virginia" and Eyes Glowing at the Edge of the Woods

It's been a big week for writing and West Virginia. 

At least, I think so.

Ann Pancake, a writer I admire so very much, allowed Keegan Lester and me to publish her "Letter to West Virginia" at Souvenir I can't even say how excited I am that she allowed us to share this through our journal. To say I'm honored doesn't event come close to being enough.

I hope you will take time to read it.

Also this week, there has been several events around a new anthology of West Virginia writers from the WVU Press: Eyes Glowing at the Edge of the Woods. Thursday there was a reception sponsored by the WVU Provost and Friday night there was a reading at 123 Pleasant Street in Morgantown. Stay tuned--there will be other upcoming events!

Somehow I didn't get nearly enough pictures this week, but here are a few to share:

Here's the book's cover. Isn't just gorgeous?

Doug Van Gundy took this pic of me waiting to read. I had to read between two real master writers/readers--after Mark Brazaitis and before Jim Harms. Let me tell you, those guys are pros!

But everyone who read was a real pro. 

Dominique Bruno, the best PR-gal for writers, snapped this photo of me reading. 

In two days, I got to be among so many friends--old friends, new friends, new friends that feel like old friends!

Here I am with John Hoppenthaler, a friend of over 20 years, a terrific poet, in town to be a part of the reading. 


Electric Literature

Excited to share a new piece posted this week at a favorite online publication--Electric Literature, "Out of the Woods: Appalachia, Literature, and the American Dream."  It includes two 2016 titles of fiction-- Trampoline and The Rope Swing as well as insights from historian Robert Eller and writer Ann Pancake. 



New SummerBooks Podcast

We're back with the podcast, after, well, life happened. 


Ragged-Edged Beauty

Thanks to the folks at Bellows American Review for publishing "Ragged-Edged Beauty: New Collections by Ann Pancake and Bonnie Jo Campbell." These works are by two writers that I find inspiring, and whose authenticity makes them a shining example of all that writing can do when it does what it does best--illuminate our empathy and humanity.