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AWP: A Collage

The annual AWP conference is too unweildly to comment on in any linear or clear cut way.  Instead, here is a short collage of thoughts, impressions, experiences and the like.

Most unusual moment: when my friend Natalie and I offered a seat to the woman behind us in line for food, because there was very limited seating and she looked like she could use the extra chair at our table, and she told us she was a famous poet, and by George, she is.

Moment of Good Fortune: the first person I ran into that I recognized was Mike Czyzniejewski while  passing the Mid American Review booth as I was frantically looking for registration. Side note: You should read Mike's new book, Chicago Stories, 40 Dramatic Fictions.

Another Curbside Splendor book, is Piano Rats, which has a lovely cover:


Fun at the Bookfair, with Erin Murphy. We also made a pinky pact.  I know, now you want to know what it is.  Instead, read her newest book, Word Problems.

I also ran into John Hoppenthaler and yes, we had a two-beer lunch.  Who would have it any other way?

Feel-good moment: Susan Neville, my first creative writing teacher, recognizes me after many years as I walk down the hallway towards the room where her panel on point of view was to be held. Listening to her talk reminded me how smart and articulate she is, and how much I learned about craft in her classes.

Dinner with Chelsea Henshey and her friends from the MFA program at GCSU included an upgraded bottle of wine at the same price as the lesser one we chose, since the restuarant was out of the bottle we orignally ordered. Fun conversation, good times, see you in Atlanta sometime!

Favorite Reading: A tough one to call.  Perhaps a toss up between Pam Houston, and Bonnie Jo Campbell

Person I was least likely to run into, but did: either Jeff Link or Sarah Harris.  I'm glad I ran into both!

Actually, this puts me in mind of a shorty ditty to end with (for now). Several years ago I remember talking with John Hoppenthaler at AWP Atlanta.  The conference seemed so daunting to me then, so full of people and things I didn't really know anything about.  And John said that he often came to connect with friends he didn't get to see often, or any other time.  And I thought then that I'd never know enough other writers that the same would be true for me.  I haven't been to AWP in a couple years, and this year, running into friends and hanging out and getting caught up and reacquainted was the best part of AWP.

Once again, John was right.