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New Semester

A snowy new semester is underway at WVU. Before that, I spent a little time going to events at West Virginia Wesleyan College's residency for their MFA program. So a few pictures to start our new year!


Happy 4th




Unofficial Start to Summer

Memorial Day signifies the unofficial start of summer (summer technically starts sometime in June, right?)

A few pictures to kick it off.



April Fools?

Gelsey, my beloved golden, took a rest in the fresh cut grass, underbelly and paws tinged green. The sun warmed the neighborhood around us.

But will it last, or will it snow (again) in April?



It's been a busy fall, but Saturday, Dominique, Matt, and I took some time out to grill for the WVU-TCU game (Go Mountaineers!). Luckily both the food and the game turned out the way we wanted. 

We pattied up the burgers with onion and cheese. Matt loves onions, so his is loaded!We made BBQ chicken along with the burgers. We also had some veggies, promise!Dominique was decked out for game day. As my Dad texted later, "Dominique is a Mountaineer." That's his highest compliment.Gelsey the Golden hung out in the grass while we grilled, taking it all in with a grin. After WVU won, we celebrated with this coconut cream pie that Dominique baked. She makes the BEST pies!