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According to my dad. my Great Aunt Eloise used to take 4-H kids from Parkersburg-area to the Jackson's Mill Jubilee, near Jane Lew and Weston, West Virginia, every year. I went down this year, a took a few pictures showcasing the 4-H aspects of Jackson's Mill. 

Finished off my visit on a hot day with cool lemonade and BBQ!

This place has awesome food!


The Jubilee at Jackson's Mill

Labor Day weekend fun! The lovely Mina and I headed out to Jackson's Mill, the childhood home of Stonewall Jackson for the Jubilee, a mix of crafts and shows and food and other delights. About an hour drive south of Morgantown, we ventured through Jane Lew, WV where there was also some sort of craft festival going on. It was crafty in West Virginia this holiday weekend!

We parked near and old plane, in a field adjacent to the Jubilee. I'm not sure I'd take a ride in this old Cessna, though.

After an early sprinkle, it was a beautiful afternoon at the Jackson's Mill event, which spread all around the grounds.

We were partciularly enamored of this vintage red vehicle. Too bad we couldn't take it home with us!

While the cars were cool, trains were magic (or so my nephew once told me).

There was a wide array of artisans and wares for sale, from squirrels to silver.

And, of course, Mina and I happened upon Ye Olde Bookstore.

We also ate corn on the cob, saw some amazing hand crafted doll houses, bought soaps and books and a Mail Pouch Barn picture (and got a hug from the artist!). Gifts were considered and purchased, and after a long day, we headed over to the nearby Hickory House for a yummy home-style dinner and coconut cream pie.