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Writerly Events

So, instead of being a gregarious hermit, I've been out and about this Feb. 

First, I was at AWP, where I subbed on a panel about writing workshops, and made some lovely new pals.

Then, I needed a break, so with Dominique Bruno and Natalie Sypolt, I headed over to the National Gallery of Art. 

Then, on Saturday, Feb. 18, I read with Keegan Lester and Co. for the release of his new book, at 123 Pleasant Street. 

From the reading and new project: Gaudy and gorgeous, like one hit wonders of years past, like my body easing into its womanhood, surely a dream, a world I didn’t quite yet understand, if I ever understood her, ever, at all. 


ASA and a new Podcast

Spring always feels busy, but especially when one attends a conference. Natalie Sypolt and I were just at the Appalachian Studies Association conference in Shepherdstown, West Virginia. Great town, by the way, and a whole day of sunshine, which is a lovely luxury in March. Here are a few snapshots:

And some culinary delights:

Natalie and our friend Randi Ward walking to the main street through town to eat:

We also ran into Weatherford Award Winner (in fiction), Robert Gipe, who happens to be the feature of the latest SummerBooks podcast:



New SummerBooks Podcast


New SummerBooks Episode

Natalie and I are finally back to podcasting, so it must be officially summer. Our latest installment is Paris Was a Woman by Andrea Weiss.

Also, though we didn't mention it on the podcast, we recently did a retreat at Hindman Settlement School in Kentucky. Hi to our new friends from that trip!


Reading at the West Virginia Writers' Workshop

On Friday, July 19th, Natalie Sypolt and I read at the West Virginia Writers' Workshop during a storm. And when were finished, the rains had let up, but only temporarily.

To hear an audio podcast of our reading, check out summerbooks.podbean.com or find it under SummerBooks on iTunes.

I wore a fun vintage dress because I could.