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Women of Appalachia Project 

I'm very pleased to announce that I'll be part of the Women of Appalachia Project with the first event at the Downtown Library at WVU on September 30, 2017, 1-3 PM. I'll be sharing three poems, and my good friend Natalie Sypolt will be reading fiction. 


Grier School and Graduation

A BIG THANK YOU to Kara Lawler and the lovely young women at the Grier School for Girls, for an engaging afternoon of poetry and writing discussion in their newly redecorated coffee barn. I forgot to take pictures this go-round, but here is one from a past visit:

Coffee Barn at the Grier School.

It is also graduation weekend at WVU. I just wanted to say congrats to all my students and advisees walking in this weekend's ceremony. Good luck to you all!



It's been a busy fall, but Saturday, Dominique, Matt, and I took some time out to grill for the WVU-TCU game (Go Mountaineers!). Luckily both the food and the game turned out the way we wanted. 

We pattied up the burgers with onion and cheese. Matt loves onions, so his is loaded!We made BBQ chicken along with the burgers. We also had some veggies, promise!Dominique was decked out for game day. As my Dad texted later, "Dominique is a Mountaineer." That's his highest compliment.Gelsey the Golden hung out in the grass while we grilled, taking it all in with a grin. After WVU won, we celebrated with this coconut cream pie that Dominique baked. She makes the BEST pies!


Back to Class

As many of you may know, it's back to class time at WVU. To all those returning to classes, here or elsewhere, instructors and students, GOOD LUCK!


Thank You, WVWW #20

Thanks, Natalie for snapping a pic with your phone.

This year was the 20 Annual West Virginia Writers' Workshop at WVU. In 1996, I attended the first workshop. How could I  have known, back then, that I'd be helping to run it 20 years later? The world works in mysterious ways.

Thanks to everyone who made #20 a great one. And see you next summer!