New issue of Souvenir

Check out the latest issue of Souvenir! 

This is not where/how I read submissions for Souvenir, but I'd like you to think maybe it is like this, all lodge-y and cozy and me looking wistful.


Holiday Season is upon us...

Despite retail stores and Hallmark Channel deciding the holiday season starts *before* Trick-or-Treat even finishes, I'm of the Thanksgiving-sets-the-season-in-motion contingent. And now that I've stuffed myself with turkey and trimmings, I suppose it's time to think holidays. 

I started pulling out my collection of nutcrackers. I started getting them as presents when I used to dance in the Nutcracker, and now I just enjoy them for their dual festive-yet-creepy qualities. 

Let the season begin (I think)...


Off Belay: One Last Great Adventure

In 2015, I helped Jamie Shumway, a patient with ALS, write his memoir. It's now available at Amazon for purchase.

To learn more about the work I did with Jamie, check out the Narrative Medicine tab on this website. 


Happy Thanksgiving Break

Although it's too cold to go with this look now, it perfectly sums up my current "status."

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, all!


Women of Appalachia Event, Ironton, OH

Attended the art and spoken word event for the Women of Appalachia at Ohio University Southern in Ironton, OH. A pretty campus and fun event!