According to my dad. my Great Aunt Eloise used to take 4-H kids from Parkersburg-area to the Jackson's Mill Jubilee, near Jane Lew and Weston, West Virginia, every year. I went down this year, a took a few pictures showcasing the 4-H aspects of Jackson's Mill. 

Finished off my visit on a hot day with cool lemonade and BBQ!

This place has awesome food!


Fall Events: updated and growing!

It's been a sprinting start to a new academic year, and I've just updated the "Appearances" page to reflect some new events. 

I'll keep you posted as this list changes and grows. 


Stop and Smell the Roses

At Parque La Carolina in Quito, Ecuador there is a wonderful botanical garden. Within, there is an amazing rose garden. Here are a few pictures where I stopped to smell the roses.

I also am showing off some of the cool features of my new camera.


From the Center of the World

I went to Ecuador, and while there, I stood on the equator at 0 longitude, 0 latitude. Okay, I goofed around a bit, but it's a fun picture moment. 


You can also get your passpot stamped from the equator, which was fun. Over the next weeks, I'll be posting more about my trip with fun pictures. 


Happy 4th