Fire and Ice


Spring Joys

I know, I've let this website go way too long without an update. So a few pictures of spring joys to get us back on track:


New Semester

A snowy new semester is underway at WVU. Before that, I spent a little time going to events at West Virginia Wesleyan College's residency for their MFA program. So a few pictures to start our new year!


Auld Lang Syne

For old times sake, is how I learned the translation.

Another year has gone by. I've not posted on my site in some time, and rather than try to explain all that has happened, I choose instead to share some photos from the year that has past, as if little sparks of light I wish to cup in my hands and hold close.

Thanks to all who shared in the best moments of this year, too many to catalog even in photos. Even though 2018 skated over many rough patches, it also shared its fair share of beauty too.

Best wishes for 2019.




Recent Travels, or Where Are Your Going, Where Have You Been?

With all due respect for cribbing Joyce Carol Oates's story title...I've been on the road a lot this month, starting with the Association for Interdisciplinary Studies conference in Detroit, where I made some wonderful new friends from Utah and Idaho. I could also see Canada from my hotel window. 


I no sooner got home, and I was off again, to Huntington, WV where I met and read with the wonderful and delightful Jeff Mann. And had some Mister Bee's as a snack.

A few days home on WVU's campus, where I got to be on a panel about Station Eleven and enjoy a turn through Mountaineer Week's craft show.

And then up to Pittsburgh to Chatham University for the Barrelhouse Conversations and Connections event.

Phew! Home until November 3, when I read in Parkersburg with Natalie Sypolt.