New Poems in Triggerfish Critical Review

I'm so excited for these new poems to be out in the world. TCR is a very cool venue, because poets can respond to each other in the issue (so hopefully you'll check out some other poems, too).

The new poems are:

Zen Cancer Saloon


and Eucalyptus.



Happy 2018!

A few pictures from holiday adventures:

And returned home:


New issue of Souvenir

Check out the latest issue of Souvenir! 

This is not where/how I read submissions for Souvenir, but I'd like you to think maybe it is like this, all lodge-y and cozy and me looking wistful.


Holiday Season is upon us...

Despite retail stores and Hallmark Channel deciding the holiday season starts *before* Trick-or-Treat even finishes, I'm of the Thanksgiving-sets-the-season-in-motion contingent. And now that I've stuffed myself with turkey and trimmings, I suppose it's time to think holidays. 

I started pulling out my collection of nutcrackers. I started getting them as presents when I used to dance in the Nutcracker, and now I just enjoy them for their dual festive-yet-creepy qualities. 

Let the season begin (I think)...


Off Belay: One Last Great Adventure

In 2015, I helped Jamie Shumway, a patient with ALS, write his memoir. It's now available at Amazon for purchase.

To learn more about the work I did with Jamie, check out the Narrative Medicine tab on this website. 

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