Dance Now!

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Yesterday (2/1/2012) was national signing day in college football. 



Dance Now! Rehearsal Photos

A very talented grad student in the School of Theatre and Dance has posted some great pictures of the Dance Now! rehearsals on her Facebook page.  Check out:

 This is a sample from the piece I choreographed:



Dress Rehearsals

I wish I had a picture to go with this one.  Spending hours in the theatre, trying to get things just right, is an interesting process.  Not unlike wholesale revision in a piece of writing.  Things that look good in the studio may not translate onto the stage.  Things that you weren't sure were working in the studio might look fantastic on the stage.

Pet peeves: dancers who don't dance full out in dress.  Dancers that don't warm up properly. Dancers who can't take notes and criticism (actually this isn't just a pet peeve--it confounds me).  Tech people who aren't quiet during dancers' and choreographers' notes (but I love tech people who pay attention and seek to understand what we're doing and make us look fabulous).  Dancers who don't undertand that the guest artists we brough it in are a product of getting every little thing right (at least, in the piece they've brought. Rehearsed well.  Now, The true test is how they take class.)

Worst pet peeve: hair in the dancers' faces.  This almost always draws the focus down, and then the audience ends up watching the top of the dancer's head, rather than the face. Plus, the hair is just distracting.

Dress rehearsals make us all tired and cranky.  Coffee only cures it so much.


Where I live

I tried to explain Morgantown, West Virginia to someone not from Morgantown or West Virginia and I found it tough to put into words.  I looked through old photos.  I may need some new photos. 

I've never really thought about how much goes unseen when I live in a place.  Things taken for granted.

So, here's the first of what will probably be many pictures of Morgantown.  This is High Street.

It's an older picture (2007) but I like it because it has Daniel's Men's Store.  I think I remember my father telling me he bought his first suit at Daniel's.